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CEASE Fire!!!

Sunday July 29th @ 3pm
There is a growing group of Artists and Musicians that are organizing a fundraiser via Red Cross for the victims of the wildfire destruction throughout our awesome state. Artists are donating artwork, screen printed T-shirts, and musicians ...are donating entertainment and talent. What started as a small scale event has turned into a huge event at the Oriental Theater. This is a good opportunity for all artists involved, and especially in a way that is benefiting our state. So far we have Oakhurst, Sawmill Joe, Elliot Moonshine, Benson the Dog, and possibly other bands all with Colorado roots that we've reached out to. We have recruited talented local artists that range from esablished well known artists to emerging artists all of whom have are very talented and do very engaging and provacitve work. July 29th, Art display starts at 4:00pm, band lineup at 6:00pm.
Tickets will be $15 a piece. Check out Cease Fire on facebook for updates on the event!

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