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avatar Michaelmorrow Denver, Colorado rock 6 years,1 month ago
Hard rock countrified blues is the title of Michael Morrow's debut solo album. It is also a great description of this amalgam of style. Born out of hard rock bands like Kiss,Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, you can hear subtleties of different styles with his singles HAD ENOUGH and DIRTY LITTLE LOVE SONG. Having played throughout the Rocky Mountain region, his strong vocal timbre has a great intimate texture which is matched well with his big, red, Gretsch hollow body guitar. An instrument that has a clean, hard rock edge to it. Paired up with Jeff Sekera on the bass, his rock n roll blood brother for nearly 20 years as he puts it, they carry a certain swagger but more importantly, a sense of purpose in entertaining the crowd. The show is what breathes life into the air. Jeff Schable, newly added to the band at the beginning of the Summer provides not only a big beat behind the drums but 3 part harmonies. It's hard to believe that it's just three guys making all this music. a few lyrical quotes to give you a feel: 'Slippin into those high-heeled shoes, wore that dress she never wore for you' - Had Enough 'Love can be bittersweet and still survive' - Dirty Little Love Song 'Night has given in to the days never end, left here for dead with the snakes and crows' - La Cruda Michael Morrow and The Firewater Rock n Roll Medicine Show performs all over Colorado and Wyoming. Look for us in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and possibly the mid-west in the upcoming months. The CD is available on iTunes, CDbaby, Spotify, Rhapsody and Muve music to name a few