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avatar motiontrap Denver, CO rock, hiphop, pop 5 years,8 months ago
Coming off of their debut self-titled EP release, Motion Trap has taken the Colorado music scene by storm. Combining the organic rawness of a live band with the sonic possibilities of the digital world, Motion Trap truly brings a sound of their own. Described as a dancier; sexier Mogwai on crack type sound, the epic songs of Motion Trap take the listener on an electro journey sure to make even the stiffest of toes tap. Having shared the stage with acts such as Twenty One Pilots, New Politics, Tatanka, Turner Jackson, Drop Switch, and Rudie Clash(Dubskin), Motion Trap is no stranger to the stage. Their live show is a captivating journey full of peaks and valleys, ups and downs, louds and softs leaving a puddle of blown minds where an unexpecting audience once stood. Motion Trap is determined to bring their unique fusion of awesome to a stage near you!