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avatar mile13management Denver, CO rock 5 years,8 months ago
After a few years on the run from the law, Eugene is finally pardoned for his crime against pop music. His first album, "Based On Live Performances", broke all the rules while winning several awards. Now he is back doing new things and even released a single while he was hiding and living in an abandoned house in the rural farmlands of Southeastern VA. Eugene grew up in Monroe, lived and traveled around the country, but will never forget his roots in the backwoods of Swartz, Louisiana. His music was used in the award winning short film, "Vicky and Sam", directed by the multi-award winning film maker, Nuno Rocha. (Eugene also played a leading role in the film.) This film has reached audiences around the world while receiving many awards and continues to circulate in film festivals worldwide. He presented the film at The Nashville Film Festival in April 2011 with co-star, Luke Bradley Francis, where it was nominated for an academy award. It has won 24 awards so far. He has been honored to receive attention in Indie Rock Magazine, Music Connection, Austin Public Television, and a few other media outlets we won't mention right now. He's played major shows including, SWSX in Austin, TX; many famous landmarks across the country, including The Roxy, and The House of Blues Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, CA. Eugene has opened up for major acts including, Big Bang, Gary P. Nunn, Alan Haynes, Porter Davis, and more. He was offered a developmental deal by a major record label, but turned it down. He has been signed with 9 Lives Records, a small independent record ran out of Kentucky for several years now. If you ever ask him about all this he'll usually say something like, "I'm just a former drug dealer from Louisiana who likes to be an actor when I'm not playing music." Gotta go.