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avatar bigkoast Denver, CO hiphop 3 years,7 months ago
HIS STORY Timeless. Life-changing. Incredible. These words set the standard of what music should be according to hip-hop artist, Big Koast. Born in India, and subsequently moving to LA, Big Koast grew up inspired by the West Coast’s melodic beauty. Hence, his artistic name, which organically transpired from his former name, West Koast. Entranced in the world of music at a very young age, Big Koast began transcribing and memorizing lyrics to his favorite hip-hop tracks at age nine, something his father used to do with Indian music. By age 12, he had saved up enough from birthdays, holidays, chores and even lunch money to attain his own turn tables, and eventually more audio equipment. By high school, he was DJing with friends and at parties. Though he never let this talent distract him from his rapping and free-styling passions. Unwavering in his desires to become a successful musician, Big Koast attended UC Santa Barbara, and later lived in Hollywood until he turned 26. But, things were not always promising for the west coast artist. After graduating college, he was unemployed for a year and a half and almost 100 grand in debt. “I was severely depressed. I didn’t know what to do,” says Big Koast. Regardless, he did not give up. “I failed. I learned and started to build myself up after breaking down.” Over the last few years, Big Koast had a child, opened a business, made a sampled mixtape, started a clothing line, which recently got placement in a Denver clothing store, and is releasing his 2016 album “Never Look Back.” On this album Big Koast reveals his journey of ups and downs. “I don’t hesitate to talk about failure because I know people can relate to those stories,” he states. Experiencing difficult times has made him stronger and wiser. Essentially, the message Big Koast wants listeners to take away from his album is to let go of the past and move forward. “Sometimes, when you look back on hard times, they can hold you down. I had to let go of all the doubts in my head, keep the lessons I learned and push forward,” says Big Koast. While there is still much he wants to accomplish, one thing is for certain. This is only the beginning. He is clear when he says, “I’m not here to follow trends. I’m here to set them.” Big Koast’s album “Never Look Back,” will drop First Quarter of 2016. There will be 15 songs on the album including three interludes, which play more like an audio diary. There will be one bonus track, which is an unplugged reworking of the song titled, “Escape,” featuring Trace Loptien. Jono, another talented musician, will also be featured on two tracks. Big Koast’s go to co producer Mickey Lo will be adding production to the project as well. Music videos are expected to roll out Fall/Winter 2015. This album is a musical entryway that allows others to understand Big Koast’s story. In regard to his listeners he adds, “From this point, we can build a legendary future together.” Learn more about Big Koast on the various links through out this website where you can also find links to follow him on social media outlets.