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avatar lbsicking port clinton, Ohio hiphop, pop 3 years,6 months ago
How do you approach song writing and what influences you? i'm a writer. 99% of the time i sit down and a beat picks me.. i don't really pick the beat. i'll listen to about 100 of them and if i'm lucky five will say something to me. and i just go from there. what ever comes to mind is what i make the song to be. and as far as what influences me... everything. everything i see and hear in life... What is your philosophy on music today? it is what it is. i'm a 80's baby so most of the style i like is rappers from the 90's. most of today's music seems so fake today. with the auto tune and what not. you can never tell when the rapper even has real talent or is just backed up by a computer. i can't stand that shit. Tell us about you, when did you begin writing songs? as far back as i can remember I've been writing songs. it started with just writing poems and stuff when i was pretty young. then it just started to be hip hop when i got older. I've been writing hip hop for about 15 years or so. my first show was in 2006 and I've done over 400, i kind of lost count. i love this hip hop shit. i don't love everything that comes with it. but you have to take the bad with the good. it's just life. How many projects are you currently involved in? one.. my own project. working on me and my music... i'm a full time dad , cook, husband and rapper. i work hard for the things i want... you want to know how i really feel about my music and life.. go check out the song "my ego" What do you want out of life? happiness and love. as long as i'm a decent father to my kids i'm sure i'll be good What are the most important lessons you think you learned so far? not everyone is your friend... in fact. most of the time... your best friend is your worst enemy Where do you want to be in the future? anywhere but where i'm at now as long as it's better. How many of your songs are instant songs and how many are channeled? i don't know i'm guessing 20 or so but the rest are stolen beats, free give a ways. i just rap. most of the time people give me the beat or i buy it when i'm not a broke ass... Tell us about your latest project? it was "the one pound mix tape" it was fun to make i did a show for it but it flopped for a lot of reasons.. mostly the club owner was a jackass and the air conditioner broke so 99% of the people that came walked in then turned around and walked out.. it was hotter inside then it was out What are your long term goals? i just want to show out on t.v. for my mother. it would make her proud to see me make it big like that... How did you get into the music? it just happened. i spent a lot of years in my uncles basement as my bed room. he had a band and in that basement is where they would jam out.. they all told me not to touch there shit but you know as a kid when no one was around i would jam out.. or at least i would try. lol anyways that's what inspired me to do music... i always wished i could do what he did.. he was the lead singer... he passed away when i was in prison. r.i.p. uncle d. i miss you man How long have you been performing? since 2006 i do believe... my first show was at a place called "the underground" in Sandusky Ohio i use to love that place. it closed down tho... What other artist do you admire? And what Bands/ Artists inspired you early on? shit all kinds. 2 pac , bone thugs, rittz, tech n9ne, insane clown posse the list goes on and on and on. i can sit here all night listing people. lol I've put in a lot of work with this music .. i don't do it for money and i don't do it for fame, i do it cause i enjoy it...if i ever get rich off of it GREAT!!!!! but if i don't oh well... i still went hard and that's all that matters to me :) much love hope you enjoy my music.. if not that's cool too cause i know it don't matter how hard you go cause for some people you'll never go hard enough...much love ...peace lbsickning aka William Rumfola I've opened for : HOPSIN LIL SCRAPPY BIZZY BONE dgaf cousin cleetus mars! the drp dizzy wright dj hoppa RICHY NIX LIL WHYTE MIMS CRITICAL BILL AFROMAN LIL FLIP DO OR DIE any body killa gel of ugk ventana saint dog toco and da mofos skatterman and snugbrim project born russett burbank boondox know lyfe twista and wolfpac the prep school tragedy BIZARRE OF d 12 just to name a few....