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avatar Mawule Boulder, CO pop, randb 3 years,5 months ago
Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, music has always been an important part of Mawule’s life. As a child he was active in gospel choirs which led to a refined ear for melody and harmony that continues to inform his writing today. Following his family’s move to the US, and inspired by greats such as Al Green and John Legend, Mawule self produced his first album, ‘Live Ma Dream’ under the artist name Thade. Although the album was well-received, Mawule decided to put his musical career on hold to focus on his studies at CSU. This decision was shortlived though as Mawule soon realized that life without music wasn’t an option. Returning to his music with renewed vigor, Mawule asked his father to help him come up with a name that would signify his musical rebirth and the importance of his own spirituality. The two settled on Mawule, which means “Only God Knows” to the Ewe tribe of his native Ghana. Mawule’s lyrics are catchy and simple, with messages about relationships and love that are easy to relate to. Mawule has been working with producers Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop at The Spot Studios in Lakewood, Colorado, and released his first EP, ‘Reflections’ in mid July 2014. This was the first release from Mawule since signing a production deal with The Spot Studios and recruiting the assistance of the management team at BLDGBLKS Music Company.