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avatar The Last Flight Out Denver, CO pop, country 6 years,3 months ago
The unlikely collaboration of songwriters "Gunny" Jeff Norman, Julia Bryan and Klaus Peterson has made a very distinctive splash in Colorado’s original music scene... in just the first few months of launching their musical partnership, Julia and Gunny would go from coffee houses to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, and their music would be played across international airwaves. The addition of drummer Carl "Dubba" Holz and keyboardist Marcie "The Mauler" Norman would infuse their music with even more dynamic and creative possibilities. THE LAST FLIGHT OUT distinguish themselves from the pack by successfully merging Blues, Country, Rock, and Funk, resulting in multi-generational appeal... a crossover mix that spans the acoustic intimacy of Sarah McLachlin, the blues sassiness of Bonnie Raitt, and the rock explosiveness of Bob Seger. They are regularly invited to perform at premier events across Colorado’s Front Range. Their live show is energetic and their radio-friendly originals bring audiences a fresh new listening experience with the familiarity of putting on their favorite old blue jeans.