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avatar selfdistruction los angeles, california hiphop 6 years,3 months ago
West Coast Hip Hop Flava - Enter The Self Destruktion WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2010 West coast hip hop has been a powerful force in the hip hop industry for years, especially in the late 80's and early 90's with those hard core heavy bangin' west coast beats! However, there hasn't been much that has been coming to the forefront from the west coast. So what does the west coast hip hop scene have to offer as of late? Enter the scene of Marcos Rawles, aka Self Destruktion! This kat straight out of Los Angeles is bringing back that swagger of west coast hip hop in his music, while still keeping true to his own art. Self Destruktion has been rapping for years, making his presence highly felt in L.A. as well as other cities across the nation. He spits lyrical content for the mind, and adds that west coast flava that has been desired since it "went to the underground". Though the single "Smoke Out" has been the elevated track of his music, I heard other tracks that brought about a stronger appeal to me, but to each our own preference right? The track on his Myspace page, American Dream brings a strong presence and anthem type feel, definitely worth a peep. This hip hop artist is grindin' hard and busting through doors to get his music distributed even further! Check him out at his Myspace page at Much respect!