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avatar michael_reilly Colorado Springs, Co hiphop 6 years,3 months ago
Michael Reilly has a unique sound, distinguishing him from the clichés crowding hip hop today. His musical influences range everywhere from Prince and Nirvana to Jay-Z and 2pac. Unlike many before him, he is very versatile never limiting himself or sounding the same more then once. With catchy melodies and lyrics delivered with a superior flow, he possesses the ability to entice listeners everywhere. A certainty his legions of loyal fans will heartily second. In the past, he has been featured on and on MTV2's SuckerFREE Sunday's during their SuckerFREESTYLE segments. He has shared the stage with names such as Yelawolf, Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Luni Corleone and Yak Ballz and is also the first rapper ever to perform at Club EDEN in Colorado Springs, Co. He has also had the opportunity to perform in other well-known places such as The Colorado Springs City Auditorium, Antler's Hilton Hotel, Union Station, Dragon's Lair, and Memorial Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Sonar, Fletcher's, The Ottobar, DENAfest and Summer's in Baltimore, Maryland, Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh, Pa, as well as Peabody's in Cleveland, Oh. Michael Reilly has already gained much anticipation from audiences nationwide as his buzz continues to grow larger. Michael Reilly's musical virtue was early fueled by a rough childhood, however, writing poems, which later evolved into hip hop lyrics, became his only way of expressing the hardships and grief of growing up in a broken home. While spending most of his high school years in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Michael Reilly spent the majority of his years growing up in Baltimore, Maryland where he was sent to live whenever he was kicked out of his parent's house. From partying and clubbing to heart-ache and struggle, you can hear it all when you take a listen.